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We transform steel wire into high quality products and accessories

Toffoli S.p.A. basket support frames

Toffoli Spa is a company that has been providing services in the metalwork manufacturing and service industry for many years. The founder of the company is Francesco Toffoli, who started it out as a small town family business in the 60s. In the present day, it is responsible for the creation of various products such as basket for deep fat fryers and pasta cookers, baskets for sinks and dishwasher baskets, support frames, racks and shelves, details and inserts, and also inserts and frames for medical and dental practices.

bending semifinished products

One of the products it manufactures is basket support frames

This is mainly done as part of the equipment, components and accessories division. Such support frames are mainly used by professional catering sectors, coffee or bar machines, ice cream parlors, pizza joints, hospitals and dental sectors. Outfitting of shops, bathroom furnishings, dairy farms, ham factories and gardening accessories all require the use of these frames.

basket support frames

Support frames used in loading dishwashers are made using adjustable support guides

This allows for both conveyor and single corner units. They are made using pickled or polished stainless steel 304 and comes in various fixtures for seamless fitting depending on the constructive characteristics of the machine. Basket support frames for other applications vary with the application as well as the type of machine that is going to use said frames. Take note that custom made basket frames can be manufactured as long as the quantity and design meet the company’s terms and conditions. Currently, Toffoli Spa is among the leading manufacturers of such support frames. in the market.


We produce a wide range of items made of steel wire. Our products have no sharp edges to guarantee maximum safety, according to the UNI CEI EN ISO 13488 standards. Our products undergo pickling treatments to eliminate any debris from the refinishing processes, as well as other finishing treatments like electrolytic polishing and Rilsan or polyethylene coating.

Toffoli SpA is a certified company. As a matter of fact, we are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2008 certified, and our materials are certified as well.


  • • Custom design
  • • Guaranteed quality: certified materials
  • • In-depth technical analysis
  • • Reduction of production costs
  • • Feasibility study
  • • 50 years of experience in the field
  • • Cutting-edge technology

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