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What you need to know about electroforged iron gratings

How are electroforged gratings made? Electroforged iron gratings are made using the electroforging process. This process involves fusing the square twisted rods into the loading bearing members using special welding equipment. This process takes place at very high current and tonnage. The rods are normally set in the load members in such a way that they only protrude out of the grating top member by not more than 1 mm. Electroforged grating panels are manufactured to 6000mm length. The manufactured panels are then cut into exact sizes depending on the customer specifications. The cut panels are then taken to the welding station where they are drawn to the required diameter.

electrolytic polishing

The benefits of using electroforged iron gratings

Electroforged gratings have high load bearing capacity with a low dead weight. The gratings are highly transparent. This means that they can be used in places where ventilation or natural lighting is required. For example, the electroforged gratings can be used in roofing houses where the owner needs to have more natural light during the day. The hot-dip zinc surface treatment gives the metal a shiny surface appearance and a good anti-corrosion capacity. This treatment also makes the metal more durable. It is easy to install and remove electroforged gratings for maintenance and repair. Electroforged gratings are also visually attractive. This means that they can be used in products to enhance their outlook.

electroforged iron gratings

How to choose electroforged gratings

When purchasing electroforged gratings, you need to consider the quality of the metal. The metal should be properly galvanized. This is because galvanizing is done to protect the metal from rust.


We produce a wide range of items made of steel wire. Our products have no sharp edges to guarantee maximum safety, according to the UNI CEI EN ISO 13488 standards. Our products undergo pickling treatments to eliminate any debris from the refinishing processes, as well as other finishing treatments like electrolytic polishing and Rilsan or polyethylene coating.

Toffoli SpA is a certified company. As a matter of fact, we are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2008 certified, and our materials are certified as well.


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