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We transform steel wire into high quality products and accessories

An Insight into Rilsan Coating Services

Iron wire is one of the most demanded raw materials in different sectors today. This material is either used directly or forms an important electrical or electronic component. For instances, the telecommunication industry relies heavily on the use of these wires in the development of complex cabling networks to different subscribers.

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The building industry

The building industry also uses wires to make formidable foundations and pillars during construction for reinforcement. In the mechanical industry, Rilsan coating services provide components such as springs, cables, filters, welding wires and fasteners, which are made from these types of wires. One of the most reliable Rilsan coating services that is popularly known today is Toffoli.

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Hot dipped

Hot dipped, galvanized iron wire is one of the main types of wires that are sought after in different industries around the globe. This is made using low carbon steel, which is then taken through acid washing, rust removal, coiling and annealing. This material is suitable for making welded mesh, fencing mesh and gabions basket. Another common product being sold in this category is the barbed wire. This is mainly used to protect grass boundaries, railways and highways. U-type wires are also very important and are used as building materials. Loop tie wires on the other hand are available in 3” to 24”. These can be finished with PVC or copper. You can also purchase Wire in Small Coil of different sizes at Toffoli Spa, which are mainly used for binding purposes. You may also be interested in buying black iron wire. These are usually available in the form of either hard-drawn wire or soft wire that has been annealed.


We produce a wide range of items made of steel wire. Our products have no sharp edges to guarantee maximum safety, according to the UNI CEI EN ISO 13488 standards. Our products undergo pickling treatments to eliminate any debris from the refinishing processes, as well as other finishing treatments like electrolytic polishing and Rilsan or polyethylene coating.

Toffoli SpA is a certified company. As a matter of fact, we are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2008 certified, and our materials are certified as well.


  • • Custom design
  • • Guaranteed quality: certified materials
  • • In-depth technical analysis
  • • Reduction of production costs
  • • Feasibility study
  • • 50 years of experience in the field
  • • Cutting-edge technology

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