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stainless steel

stainless steel

Stainless steels (or inox steel) are iron alloys which, in addition to the typical mechanical properties of carbon steels, are characterized by a remarkable corrosion resistance. This characteristic is due to the presence of alloying elements, especially chromium, which has the ability to passivate itself, which means that it covers itself with a layer of thin, adherent oxides. This layer is almost invisible and protects the metal or the alloy against external influences of chemical substances.
We use two different types of stainless steel for the production of our articles, from a minimum diameter of 1.5 mm to a maximum diameter of 12 mm:

AISI 304
Austenitic metal alloy with excellent characteristics for processing in warm and cold condition.
Remarkable corrosion resistance, easy to weld and polishable.

AISI 316
Austenitic metal alloy with addition of Molybdenum, which increases the corrosion resistance. This material is recommended for environments with high salt concentration.

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