fluidized bed plastic coating

Fluid bed plastification of baskets and gratings

fluidized bed plastic coating

fluidized bed plastic coating

Our company disposes of an internal plant where a plastic coating is applied on the wire baskets and grids. Every single item is hanged to a hook on a moving rail that lifts the item and takes it to a preheated chamber of 300/400 °C, where the items, depending on their diameter and complexity, rest for a few minutes. Once the wire is equally warm, the pieces are dipped into the container with plastic powder.
The Bio-Polyamide Rilsan PA11 is a Polymer that guarantees an excellent chemical resistance, optimal duration and a good resistance to temperature variations and abrasion. It’s suitable for food contact.
The Polyethylene powder is a thermoplastic powder that is used for a decorative surface finish of metal products. It has an optimal resistance to low temperatures and is suitable for food contact.

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